Starling Birds Facts – The Fascinating Life Of A Starling

A bird sitting on top of a parrot

It is generally about 15 cm in length and possesses a metallic sheen on its body with some yellowish spots that are somewhat raised. Its iridescent chest and throat, marked by bright yellowish spots, it is brownish gray upperparts, with scattered white belly feathers and its head is covered with a thick crest. The neck and breast are adorned with short black feathers, the former ending in a white tip. The dark brownish nape and throat area are ringed with white, often flutering, spots.

Male Starling

A colorful bird perched on a tree branch

All breeds of the starling are generally social birds, in which pairs fight for mates and territory; they also live in flocks, with a single pair taking over the hen house and leading the flocks. The male usually carries the egg to its nest after it is born, while the female lays it in a slightly elevated position. The male then goes off to find food for the chicks, while the female stays on the ground and incubates the egg for about two weeks, until it is hatched.

The starling has been a mainstay in our English country songbirds for many years, ever since John Murray Anderson’s song “Starry Night”. The starling is also referred to as English Nightingale, English waltz and even English maid. Many families throughout the centuries have kept a pair of these beautiful birds as pets. These pets have proved to be faithful, friendly and easy to take care of. They make a delightful addition to any family.

Starling Birds Are Quite Social

A close up of a bird

Some of the most popular starling bird’s facts are that these birds are quite social, always willing to greet their human companions. They are fast learners, easily able to catch on to new things and are naturally inquisitive. In the wild, they gather berries, nuts, seeds, acorns and various types of small insects for food. They are also adept at making nests, particularly where there are other birds or pets around.

Starlings are very colorful, with a vibrant array of bright colors ranging from red, orange, yellow, green and blue. However, their favorite color is pink. In fact, they have two different colorings: breast and gray. Their bills are plain with dark rings around them, while their legs and wings are pinkish-red.

Starlings Love To Eat Fresh Fruit

It is interesting to note that starlings love to eat fresh fruit. Unlike other birds, this species has no sub-species that specialize on eating fruits only. They can eat almost anything, but their favorites are apples, melons and nectarines. Unlike many other species, they also have the ability to fly. Even if it is quite an achievement for a man to have domesticated this little bird, it is still considered to be a marvel because of its intelligence. Its ability to communicate with other birds and even humans makes it an even more unique discovery.

Last Words 

The starling is one of the most popular and most common bird around. They are beautiful, colorful and playful. This species is a great addition to your bird collection, whether you have them as pets or for display purposes. You can see many varieties of these birds at zoos and even in your own backyard. As long as you know how to look after them, you will have many years of enjoyment from your starlings.

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