The 4 Best Bird Breeds You Should Keep As Pets

Keeping lovely pets in your home can be one of the finest things you ever do. Bringing a pet will be a way of welcoming a new mate and entertainer into your life. Thus, this can be advantageous to you and your family in general.

Picking the best pet is the biggest challenge most people encounter, especially beginners. While it may seem easier for some to adopt a cat or a dog, some do opt to keep birds as pets in their home. Such pet owners do consider birds to be beautiful and adorable creatures. More so easy to manage especially if you get yourself the right breeds.

The 4 Best Bird Breeds You Should Keep As Pets
The 4 Best Bird Breeds You Should Keep As Pets

Budgerigars (Melopsittacus Undulates)

The budgie is one of the bird breeds that you will definitely not miss in many homes where birds are kept as pets. Most pet owners prefer these birds because they only require a small space to keep as they have small body sizes. 

The breed was found first in the USA in the 1850s. In weight, these birds weigh about 30 to 40 grams and about 18 cm in length. More so, their small sizes make it possible for kids to be able to handle them perfectly unlike other large birds. Budgerigars are also easy to find around, and they are not expensive and so anyone can afford them. 

Another great thing you need to know about these birds is that budgies are also considered to be extremely playful especially with those closest to them. So, if tamed young, they make adorable pets and they are also neither destructive nor noisy.

Cockatoos: Pets

Have you ever had a chance to set your eyes on these beautiful birds, Cockatoos? If not then we can’t blame you at all. 

These birds are amazing, and they will definitely put a golden smile on your face anytime you see them especially in your house or compound. Cockatoos are considered to be captivating creatures, and generally only the white species available in the UK.

The 4 Best Bird Breeds You Should Keep As Pets
The 4 Best Bird Breeds You Should Keep As Pets

Cockatoos are also extremely popular because they do talk and are affectionate. Additionally, you can teach your birds vocabulary – although this will be limited to some extent – and they are also easy to train. Their sweet voices attract many, although they have a limited vocabulary. At times these birds are hard to keep. They at times tend to scream making them unsuitable for pet owners who dislike a lot of noise.

African Grey Parrots

If you’re looking for a medium-size bird, then the African Gray Parrot will be your perfect choice. These amazing birds are known to be easy to handle, and they as well strike the best kind of balance. While these birds will tend to love hanging out more with their owners. Spending ample time together, they are also somewhat independent. This way, you can sometimes leave them to their devices, which will definitely free up some time for the owners.

The 4 Best Bird Breeds You Should Keep As Pets
The 4 Best Bird Breeds You Should Keep As Pets

Its talking ability makes it the most adorable pet for you and your family. At times they tend to be moody and unhappy if they are caged too tightly in isolation. For better outcomes, they need considerable good interaction time with their owner. 

Cockatiels: Pets

Cockatiels are considered to be among some of the coolest birds this world has to offer. So, if you have ever had a chance to be close to these birds. It won’t be hard to tell why. 

Another unique thing about these birds is that they are incredibly affectionate creatures and will quickly form an incredible bond with their owners. Owing to this fact, these birds will groom you, snuggle up to you, and they will also want to be next to you always. 

Of importance also to note is that cockatiels are also rather inexpensive to keep, since they don’t need a big cage. They also have a moderate appetite.

Final Words

All these pets are easy to find from pet shops, online merchants, or from breeders. It’s good always to familiarize yourself with the bird pet you want to acquire before going on to purchase. If you are not familiar with birds, it is right to take with you someone who knows a healthy bird—all the best as you proceed to acquire your first bird as your pet.

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