Tips on Choosing a Bird Travel Cage

bird travel cage

If you are a new or seasoned birdwatcher, you already know that there are many different styles and models of bird travel cages available for your aviary needs. Some are meant to travel by automobile while others can easily be folded into a travel bag, suitcase or backpack. Bird owners who love to travel often have multiple cages on hand so that they can easily travel and visit with their friends and fellow bird enthusiasts without having to worry about how they will look when they arrive. Many bird owners even carry their bird cages in style along with them on dates to ensure that they look their best for that special someone. Here is a quick review of the various types of bird cages for travel.

An Overview

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The cheapest bird travel cage option, and possibly the most inexpensive pet carrier, are a plastic water bowl style. These models often come with only a two-inch water holder which is easily removed for cleaning. The design of these pet carriers is suitable for short journeys but not suitable for long periods of time.

Plastic bird carriers often come with a vinyl or polyester bottom which wears well due to constant Velcro snaps. They are suitable for short journeys up to a few hours, but not long journeys. These celled bird carriers are very cheap and not very reliable. If you are spending a lot of money on this style of bird travel cage, be sure that it is made from a very high quality material.

There are a few high quality bird travel cages on the market, made from a very high quality material called Nylon which is much more durable than its plastic counterpart. You can expect a couple of extra inches in height on each side of the bird travel cage, which means that the bird will have adequate space to move around. These stainless steel backpacks have many pockets for different accessories and food supplies. Some even have small mesh windows which allow some ventilation.

Accessories to Get

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There are a number of accessories that can be attached to a bird travel cage and these will help to make the bird feel more comfortable. You may need to consider whether you want a cage with windows or not. Most people find that they are more comfortable looking at the outside of the bird cage rather than opening and closing the cage doors. In order to get the best fit, measure from one corner to another corner and then across the inside of the cage. A good-fitting cage needs to have about a half an inch of space in the corners and the sides.

Some people who buy bird travel cages may also want to choose a cage with higher bars as this will give the parrot more room to move around in. Bars are usually about six to eight inches high. The reason why you should get a higher bar spacing is because smaller birds love to grip and grab at the bars when they are teething or trying to fly. They will often bite their fingers and rub themselves against the bars of the bird travel cage. You should therefore choose a cage with higher bars to give your pets more freedom to enjoy their flying adventures.

Final Tip

For the same reason, you should also look out for any perches that are appropriate for the bird travel cage. There are various kinds of perches available – some are meant for the larger size parrots while others are designed for the small size birds. The small size birds will need small size bowls. There are some specially made bowls that are specifically made for parrots. However, you should avoid getting a big size bowl as the bigger sizes may create problems for smaller pets such as feather plucking problems.


You can also go in for a perch with a large size for the large size pets. However, you should remember that these pets will often eat or drink from the bowls without any discomfort. It is therefore important that the comfort level remains a high priority. Again, if you are not able to provide a comfortable and cozy environment, it would be preferable to choose a cage with a larger size and suitable for large size animals. So, make sure you get one that is both suitable and comfortable for your pet bird.

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