Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts

Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts

Do you know anything about dodo birds? Many dodo bird facts are there that you certainly love to know. Native to the Island of Mauritius, they are flightless birds. Dodo birds appear gray in color with nearly three-feet tall. It has an average weight of around 22-40 pounds. Interestingly, you can notice this bird species for its large-hooked beak, which can be either in green or pale yellow color. Let us learn some interesting facts about these birds.

Some Dodo Bird Facts For You

Dodo is an extinct bird that you may find in the Islands of Mauritius. So, let us learn about these bird species.

Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts
Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts

No predators for Dodo until humans

It is believed that the dodo bird had a beautiful life, until the modern period, without predators.  As a result, there were not any mammals, insects, or reptiles, on this island for many years. But Dutch settlers landed on the island and started to kill them for meat.

Lived In The Islands Of Mauritius

Dodo birds are native to the Island of Mauritius and mostly found there. People watched this bird for the first time when Dutch settlers reached the island in 1598. Unfortunately, today, these birds are among the extinct group.

Flightless Birds – One Of The Great Dodo Bird Facts

The ancestors of this bird type lost their capacity to fly gradually, after landing on this island. In fact, flying requires a lot of energy and nature favors it only whenever it is necessary.

Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts
Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts

Laid Only One Egg At A Time

The females of this bird laid only one egg at a time. The reason is that these bird species had no natural enemies, and thus laid one egg at a time for their survival. However, the policy of this bird had several harsh consequences once Dutch settlers started to eat them.

Their Flesh Did Not Taste Like Chicken

Not having many dining options during that time, Dutch settlers killed the Dodo birds, despite the fact that their flesh did not taste like chicken. Also, sailors who landed on the island killed them for food. Interestingly, these birds ate delicious fruits and nuts, but their meat is not that tasty.

Nicobar Pigeon Is The Nearest Relative To Dodo Bird

Genetic analysis of the Dodo bird proved that the Nicobar Pigeon is the closest relative of this bird.  But this pigeon is a small bird with flying capacity. The Rodrigues solitaire was also their relative, but this bird species is also extinct now.

Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts
Top 10 Dodo Bird Facts

Once It Was Known As The Wallowbird – One Of The Dodo Bird Facts

Philologists of the modern era have not many ideas about the derivation of the Dodo bird. Even if this bird is called DODO officially, it was once known as the Wallowbird. A Dutch captain gave them this name.

Only A Few Specimens Of Dodo Birds Left

Dutch settlers in Mauritius were busy hunting the Dodo bird. At the same time, they managed to send some specimens to Europe. So, some specimens of this bird type are still available, but they are very few in number.

There Is A Mention of This Bird In The Famous ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’

You might know that there is a mention of this bird in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland of Lewis Carroll.

Resurrecting The Dodo Bird May Be Possible

With the advancement in technology, it may be possible to resurrect this extinct bird species. In fact, it is possible through a scientific program, that goes by the name de-extinction, which helps to reintroduce such extinct species back into the world.

Dodo birds are interesting to watch because of their unique appearance. These birds are endemic to the Island of Mauritius. People can notice them easily because of their large-hooked beaks.

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