Top 5 Amazing Tricks To Upskill Your Bird (#4 Is Hilaring!)

Birds learn through observation and repetition, but the amount of time and commitment you can bring into bird training depends on what your bird knows. However, scientific experiments have shown that birds are also brilliant and can be trained to perform several advanced tricks. There are plenty of fun things you might ask your bird to do. These tricks will provide endless hours of entertainment for you and your mates.

Potty Train

A colorful bird perched on a branch

Bird training at the house means that you teach him to “speak.” It requires dedication, persistence, and consistency as with other species.

Step 1. The Command – Start by figuring out what words or phrases each household member uses as the ‘go to the bathroom order.’ It should be short like “go potty,” “go poop,” or “do now,”. In the same pronunciation, each person must use the same word. It can be useful first to have a person in charge of house training so the bird learns the action.

Step 2. Watch For Cues – Most birds are first relieved in the morning. Look for signals such as crouching, pulling, turning, or floating up feathers.

Step 3. Housetraining Your Bird – Step up your bird, and use something for his toilet. When it’s going to fly, thank your pet. Choose a treat for your bird and make sure that it is the only time he gets it when you obey the “go potty” order.

Step 4. Take Responsibility – Many birds can learn to “go potty” on command, but not all of them learn that there are certain times when they should not. If your bird has been out of his cage for 15 minutes, have him “step up” and take him to his toilet place. Some “talkers” may even start saying the potty command themselves.

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