Type Of Water Birds in India- 6 Most Beautiful Aquatic Birds

type of water birds

India is full of beautiful aquatic birds, every year thousands of birds migrate to several regions of India and become an attractive occasion for tourists. Aquatic birds or water birds mostly feed in waters, they use their long legs, sharp beak, and ability to dive into the water to catch prey. Rainy seasons and winters are most important if you want to observe rare and exotic aquatic birds because these birds mostly breed and hunt during these times. Here are 6 of the most beautiful types of water birds found in India.


A bird swimming in water

Kingfishers are very common water birds that are easily recognized by their bright blue color, these birds are medium-sized water birds and one of the most beautiful waterbirds. There are various species of Kingfisher such as- White-throated Kingfisher,


A sunset over a body of water next to a palm tree

Egrets are a type of heron found in India, they are one of the most common species of water birds. There are some beautiful species of Egrets such as-


Cormorants or Great Cormorants are also known as the Indian Shag and represent the 40 elaborate species of cormorants family. These water birds are found almost in every region of the Indian subcontinent, they live near big lakes, rivers, and ponds; they make quick dives to capture fish. Cormorants live in flocks, they are medium in size and mostly black.


Sandpiper is a small beautiful bird of white and brown color, these birds are part of the large shorebirds family, there are


Gulls or Seagulls are sea birds that are medium to large in size, they have a bright hue of white and bluish-grey. Seagulls are migratory birds that can be spotted near sea beaches of southern India and mangrove wetlands of Andhra Pradesh, known as Krishna Mangroves; one of the most inhabited places for Seagulls is the Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary of Andhra Pradesh.


Indian Pond Heron, Purple heron, and Great Blue Heron are few common Heron species that are freshwater birds. Herons are widely found in India especially in Western ghats, they fly higher and sit on small tree branches to look over the water. Purple Herons are one of the most beautiful types of water birds, they are slightly smiley than the Grey Herons and have a brighter complexion.


Some other attractive water birds include- Indian black Ibis, The Greater Painted-Snipe, Skua, Darter, Common Moorhen, Purple Swamphen, Yellow-wattled Lapwing, White-tailed Lapwing, Barn swallow, White-Breasted Waterhen, Black-Winged Stilt, etc.

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