Types Of Fowl That Can Be Cooked

type of fowl

What is the most common type of fowl you can order at your local restaurant or on the Internet? What’s a plain chicken? What is a main course fowl, and how are they served? These are just some of the questions many people ask when thinking about ordering out.

Four Types Of Common Fowl


There are four types of common fowl, but only two of them conform to the scientific name of the bird. White Hens Fowl, or Hens Fowl as it is commonly referred to, is classified by the characteristics of its head, legs, and tail. This type of fowl has large heads and large legs; hence its name, which fits well with its large size.

Pheasant, or Yellow Hens as it is also known, is generally smaller than a white fowl and is native to many areas across the world. Pheasant is an excellent choice for owl lovers because it contains less fat than hens. Pheasant meat is considered milder than that of white hens. It is easily prepared and has a lower risk of food poisoning than many other types of poultry.

Comparison To Ducks

a duck

ducks, in addition to having small, compact bodies, have long necks and strong backs. They are good birds for hunters because they are fast and agile, while still being gentle and quiet when it comes to how they fly and catch their prey. One of the major differences between ducks and other types of poultry is that ducks do not have a tail. In order for a duck to be classified as a duck it must have a bill. These beautiful birds are known for their beauty and for being part of the American tradition of the game bird. Other popular varieties of duck are Siberian Duck, Larking Duck, Maine Duck, Hybrid Redstart, Cootoo, Paugusson’s Beak, and other breeds.

Know About Cochin

Cochin, also known as Peking, is the smallest breed of poultry available commercially. It can weigh as little as two pounds. The legs, necks and wings are covered with down. It is very sleek in the upper part of its body while the lower half is covered with down. Cochin is extremely durable; however, it does lose its original color if it is exposed to excessive sunlight. It is the perfect foil for those who are looking for a small, quiet, and cool type of poultry.

Featherweight peafowl come in three varieties-Pavo, Merino and Macaw. They are known for their white, blue and cream colored down. While these breeds of peafowl are great for large open spaces, they do not fare well in private homes. Even though it is extremely durable, it will not stand up to constant bathing. This is why it is better to purchase a pet that is hardy enough to withstand frequent bathing.

Last Words

As you can see, there are many differences in the types of fowls that can be used to cook. No matter what type of fowl you prefer to feed, you should always ask your local poultry dealer or breeder about the cost of feeding your chosen poultry. The cost will depend on the breed and size of the chicken. You may want to purchase several birds of the same breed or size to get the best cost per pound.

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