What Are the Best Pet Birds For Kids

best pet birds for kids

The pet birds for kids are not difficult to find. You can find them in every neighborhood and in every shopping mall. The most famous pet birds for kids include parakeets, cockatiels, macaws, and starlings. But these birds are just one type of pets that you can adopt. In fact, there are several other pets that you can get.

Most pet birds for kids belong to the family of the songbirds or otherwise known as the zebra finch. The zebra finch is a kind of wild houseplant. The baby birds usually will not flounce. But they can be carried around by adults. A single adult can feed many babies in just a few minutes. For this reason, it is really a good option for kids.

An Overview

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Amongst the most common pets birds for kids are the zebra finches. These little birds have small bodies and bright eyes. As parents, they love to feed their young ones with small soft chirps. The parents can produce little white chirps in order to attract the little birds. The parents can produce different kinds of notes like a kind of twitter-like sound. The babies can keep listening to these notes until they fall asleep.

Robins are another kind of bird for kids. These small sized pets are very fond of human contact. With this aspect, you can create a lot of stories for the kids to listen to. To add more fun to your pets stories, you can give them cute stuffed robins as pets.

Another great pets for kids are cockatiels. Cockatiels are known to be really noisy and troublesome little pets. For this reason, you need to place perches and colorful toys in their cage so that they will not bother you and other people while having fun.

Pet Birds Kids Would Love

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Finches and canaries are also among the commonest pets around. When it comes to housing finches and canaries, you need to place them in large, deep cages. You can also add some colorful toys and water. To entertain the kids, you can give them feeders with colorful seeds. The finches and canaries also love to climb and perch on the cages.

If you want to choose the best pet birds for kids, you must consider the age of the kids. Young kids cannot be taken to wild bird species just for fun. In fact, these pets may sometimes be dangerous. The adult birds will not be able to take care of the young ones properly. So it is suggested that if you want to go on a trip with your kid, it is best to choose those who are already tame.

Other than the aforementioned cockatiels and canaries, you can also choose pet birds like Macaws, African Grey, Lories, Parakeets, Conures and Toucans. There are even exotic birds like Cockatoos. You can search online and see which particular bird species is suitable for your kid. For instance, if you are going on a trip with your daughter, you can choose cockatiels or canaries, as both of these have the ability to please children.

When choosing pet birds for kids, there is one important factor that you need to consider. The safety of your child needs to come first above anything else. Therefore, it is better to purchase a smaller cage for your child. It is also recommended that you do not buy a cage with a very high ceiling as the high percentage of falling objects could injure your children.

Last But Not Least

Budgies are another popular pet for kids. They are very cute, colorful and very easy to care for. You can purchase them from your local pet stores or you can visit your nearest breeder. Budgies are also good candidates for those who want to raise them as pets since they are very affectionate and will bond with their owners.

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