What Types of Red Birds Are There

type of red birds

Red birds have always been animals in Kart Kingdom, that too, was mostly located in questing. They were very easy to identify, though some of them were really difficult to locate. One of the first quests in Grand Glade World needed you to discover all the red birds, that too, a very difficult type of animal to locate. This was the Black Gold Cardinal. The quest was quite difficult and required a lot of luck.

Different Types of Red Birds

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Black Gold Cardinal

A small bird perched on a tree branch

The Black Gold Cardinal is a big bird, and very hard to hunt for. If you find one, you might just find it on the ground, rotting away. It was like hunting a dead body. However, its body was very gold colored, and that made it the most sought after type of bird by players.

Gold Black Eagles

There were also other gold black eagles that could be found. These were slightly smaller and were much harder to catch. They were in fact classified as rare species. The Black Eagles were in great demand all over the Kart Kingdom.

Of course, there were other kinds of rare birds also. Among them was the Great Star Phoenix. This Phoenix resides in the extreme north of Kart Kingdom. It is a very tough bird and could easily survive even the coldest weather. Though it is cold, it has a warm and friendly personality.

Other Kinds Of Rare Birds

Then there was another kind of bird that was in very short supply. This was the Hoot Finch. These fowls can only be found in the South-East part of Kart Kingdom. The species lived in dense forests and they seldom visited any open area.

Other kinds of rare birds included the Black Swan, Kingfisher, Black Storks, Fischer’s Goldfinches, Cuckoo-Kong and the Crested-Dove. These are just a few of the species that could only be found in limited places. They could be found in coastal areas, mountain sides or woods in rural areas. They are tiny birds with long bodies and small wings.

Interestingly, the black swan is not actually a black bird but it has a reddish tint. They do have black wings but they also have gray undercoats. These birds usually come in dark colors like grayish black, red and brown. These are the same color as the crow but these are bigger and of course, louder than the crow.

Some Of The Other Species

These are just some of the species that were found in South-East Asia. They could be present in India, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Most likely, the local bird population could only see these birds during the winter. They were probably unable to fly away because of the severe cold. They would only survive during this time if they could hang around trees.

This type of bird evolved from dinosaurs. The paleontologists were able to identify this through fossils found in China and in Mongolia. The wings and neck of these creatures have a red patch in the middle. There is also a black spot where the head should be. This was the first appearance of this kind of bird.

It is estimated that this type of bird originated from Northern India. There is a type of bird called the Black Swan that is native to China and Tibet. In addition, there is a rare type of black swan that lives in the Himalayas.

There are no black and white markings on these birds. These are the only two colors they have. The tip of their beaks is colored black, while the body itself is white. This is their most distinguishing feature.

Final Thoughts

Red Birds Can live anywhere around the world. There are some types of bird that can be found in the desert while others can be found in the rain forests. One thing that you should note is that there is no type of red and white markings on this bird. Their beaks and legs are black in color.

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