White Pet Birds: What Type of Pet Bird Should You Get

white pet birds

There are many wonderful things about white pet birds, they are easy to take care of, don’t shed as much, and they are also very playful. I am a birder, and I really enjoy watching different species of birds. Birds are some of my favorite animals. My home is filled with pet birds such as Macaw, African Grey, Love-sucker, Amazons, Yellowlegs, and even some of my all-time favorite birds – Titmice and cockatiels!

White Pet Birds

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If you are looking for some ideas on how to name your pet parrots, you have plenty to choose from. You can go online to search for pet parrots, exotic birds, and many other species. You can visit your local pet store and purchase a variety of exotic birds. I like to buy various species so that I have something special to call my little babies.

One of my favorites is the Zebra Finches. They are very pretty and very unique. I call them my “little zoo animals.” Other pet birds that come to mind are the Black Headed Parrot, Love-sucker, Amazons, Black Robe Fan, Black-headed Amazon parrot, Rosey Blackhead, and the White Clouded Parrot.

Species Of Pet Birds

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There are many other species of pet birds that are also fun to own. I personally like the little yellow daffodil parrots, budgies, and the yellow-headed Amazon parrots. These types of birds also make great additions to my bird collection.

So what do birds really come to mean? In the dictionary, the word “bird” means “a kind of small bird.” The other definition is “a kind of small mammal having a tail.” Pet birds are, of course, in between those two descriptions. They are small and have a tail, but they can also look just like any other kind of pet bird.

So now you are probably wondering if they are so small, why do people call their pet birds “pet”? Well, the term “pet bird” was actually taken from an old French term that meant a small breed of bird. It was named in that way because, in many cases, the bird would be used as a pet instead of a show or pet parrot. So back in the old days, the bird was referred to as a pet. Some pet birds today still are, but in general, terms used to describe a bird that is not a show parrot or a pet.

Now back to the original question, what does a pet bird actually look like? The most popular pet bird in the United States right now is the Love-sucker. This is a white and yellow parrot that is about four feet long. They are usually green with varying shades of dark brown around their eyes. Their head is black with white eyebrows.

Breeds Of Pet Birds

Another breed of this type of bird is called the Love-sucker Macaw. They are even rarer than the Love-sucker. They are a bit larger than their macaw counterpart, at about eight and a half inches long. They are white, yellow, and green in color, with a gray mask on top. They are very beautiful, and they are fun to watch.

The Love-sucker Eclectus is also a popular pet bird. This is a white and green parrot that is very similar to the Love-sucker. They are smaller than the Eclectus, at only four inches long. Eclectus have different colored patches on their face and body.

There are other types of pet birds that are popular among pet owners. One of these is the white-masked cockatoo. These are great pets for those who do not want to deal with cleaning their bird’s housing all the time. They have a white mask on the top of their head, making it hard for anyone to tell if they are male or female. They are not aggressive and rarely will attack you, but they are quite vocal when calling. They love to talk to people and sing to them.

Bottom Line

The white-masked parrot also loves to molt. So, you will need to keep it in a captive habitat with trees, branches, and foliage. The cage must have an outlet hole on top where the bird can molt. It needs this so it can breed and mate.

If you purchase a cage from a pet store, make sure you buy one that fits your lifestyle. Some cages are adjustable, which is nice; others cannot be adjusted. You will also need to buy a stand for your bird. A stand is important because your bird will need someplace to perch.

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