Why an Open Bird Cage is Better Than a Closed One

open bird cage

What is an open bird cage? It is the kind of cage you can open and let your birds out. In fact, some people might say that it’s a better way to keep your pet chickens out of the wire mesh aviary walls. However, they might be a bit misinformed; there are many benefits of having an open bird cage in your house.

An Overview

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First, if you have a bird and two or more cats in your household, these two felines will share the cage. Each one has its own space to roost. If you are not fond of cats or dogs, but neither would you want your bird to be locked inside a small space with just a single door, this is the perfect solution for you. An open-air cage lets the wind flow through it and provides fresh air to all the birds inside.

A second reason why you should buy an open bird cage is the ease of cleaning it. Not only do you get to enjoy fresh air, but you won’t have to worry about dust accumulating on the birdcages. If you put them in a large kitchen drawer or over your dining table, for example, you’d have to wipe them constantly. And since there is no bottom to the cage, any food or water leftovers can be collected in the drawer. By opening it, you can let the wind flow freely and the food and water won’t drip on the floor.

Best Advantages

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Another advantage of owning an open bird cage is that you’ll be able to observe your bird in its natural habitat. Imagine taking a walk with a baby bird in the park. Now imagine when the bird starts screeching as it grows up. That’s how your bird feels like when you’re not around to keep tabs on it. That is what living with a pet bird is like; you get to watch it as it grows and learns to communicate with you.

Another advantage of an open bird cage is that it helps promote a healthier environment. Your bird can get to enjoy fresh air and no one has to clean up its mess. In the wild, birds that live in big boxes to prevent predators from eating them would defecate in the boxes. But in the cage, they need less messy accommodations. In fact, sometimes it would be better if you remove the toys so your bird will have a clean area to use.

Also, an open bird cage gives you the opportunity to socialize your bird with other birds. You get to learn about their personalities and you get to know their likes and dislikes. When you come home from work and find your bird drooling all over the house, you can relate it to the stress of the day and bring it to the bird cage. You also get to meet other birds and expand your network of friends. It might also encourage your bird to become more adventurous and learn to build nests and communicate with you more frequently.


However, not all birds are easy to train. If you want to start training, you must choose the right type of bird. Remember that while an open bird cage is convenient, it’s not for everybody. If you are not really that keen on having your bird house in the open, you can opt for a closed bird cage. It offers the same advantages as an open one but your feathered friend won’t have to live in the open and risk staining furniture and invading your personal space.


If you are buying a birdhouse for the first time, you must consider buying a durable one. You will also need to add extra protection such as nesting material and perches. Buy a cage with a locking mechanism to avoid too much scratching. A door is very important as it gives your feathered friend the freedom to move around. Lastly, you can give your bird a reward to motivate him to use the cage properly.

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