Why Should You Not Feed the Bird Cage – How to Make it Work For You and Your Pet Bird

bird cage dont starve

My bird cage dont starve when I brought him home, I made sure not to starve him. I read many books on birds and made sure not to put any food in his cage. One day while I was cleaning his dishes, I noticed he had stopped eating. He stopped eating because he wasn’t getting as much food as usual. I thought maybe he had been stressed out, so I took him to be examined by his vet.

Opinions By Vets

A small bird perched on top of a cage

The vet found that his diet wasn’t correct. His metabolism rate was too slow for him to digest the food properly. As a result, he wasn’t getting as much energy as he should be. I knew that this was a big problem, so I changed his diet. I bought him some different foods from a pet store that he seemed to like better. After a few weeks, he started eating again. I was surprised by his change of behaviour, but his diet is what caused it.

The Real Matter

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There are many problems that can happen when your bird cage dont starve. One is that you will find it harder to train him to eat his seed. Since the bird cannot eat as much, he will have a hard time growing. He may even start to bark at you and display bad behaviour. These are things that you want to avoid happening.

Another problem that I saw was that the bird would not enter the cage when I wanted him to. He would sit in the cage all day and then get up and hop around the place. I would have to put him back in the cage to let him out. It really frustrated me, and then I realized that he wasn’t getting the exercise he needed. I started giving him more exercise by adding some puzzle pieces, treats, and toys to his cage.

An In-depth Examination

I started to notice other signs that the bird cage was not doing its job. Like I stated before, birds need good nutrition. But, the bird cage definitely didn’t give him the nutrition that he needed. So, I started to feed my birds the same things that I was feeding them before.

After a while, I noticed that my bird started to eat more. He was eating more, and he was happier. Now, he would hop in the cage and come out and eat, and enjoy himself. If you are in the same boat, and your bird is not eating, you are probably going to have to do something. He may just be like that for a while, and then another feeding will be in order.

Things To Do

When your bird does not eat, I encourage you to give him a treat, so he will think that he is being loved. Birds are extremely sensitive to the way that we treat them. They will respond to the love that we give them. Just remember to watch what you are feeding your bird. It is important that we are not killing them with our feeding, just giving them what they need and making them happy.

When you are deciding what you are going to give your bird, you should do it slowly. You want to take your time, so that the bird knows that he is being fed, and loved. If the bird knows that you are happy, he will probably continue to do what he is doing. This is what we want to happen. So, let’s make sure that we have all the proper equipment, and the food, ready before we begin.

Special Bird Species

If you have a big bird like a Macaw or African Grey, then you may find that the cage doesn’t close properly. So, if this is a problem, you can easily add an extra wide metal window, so that the bird can see outside. The same thing goes if you have a smaller bird like a cockatiel or conure. Your cage should be wide enough for your bird to get out and move around. So, if the cage won’t close, just add a little bit more width to the windows.

Now, on to the main part of any bird’s diet. Its protein. Birds need meat for energy and survival. So, it’s a good idea to buy your bird some quality chicken and turkey products. If you want to give them treats, you can mix peanut butter with the chicken, and rice.


Now that we got that out of the way. I hope that you understand why you shouldn’t feed your bird foods from the birdcage, in the name of self-preservation. Birds need food, they need food! And if you try to feed them food from the cage, they might very well think that you are stealing their food. Please remember that when you are looking out for the best diet for your bird, it depends on what they like.

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