Why You Should Have a Bird Cage Seed Catcher

bird cage seed catcher

A bird cage seed catcher can be a wonderful addition to any aviary or bird house. These devices are ideal for catching seed near birds’ food or water dishes. These devices also keep seed from falling into bird feeders and bird baths. They prevent birds from eating tainted food and water.

An Overview

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The bird cage seed grabber is sturdy and easy to use. It allows air to freely enter into the bird cage and is usually durable enough to withstand the weight. It’s easy to clean and usually comes with rubber or plastic gaskets for added strength. The catcher includes an adjustable lever that lets you adjust the amount of air that flows into the bird cage. You can use it to accommodate a wide variety of birds, from different species of birds like finches, cardinals, quail and Macaws, to multiple species of birds like cockatiels, white-crowned sparrows, starlings and orioles.

This device is usually made of a plastic tube about an inch in diameter and constructed with a flexible metal tube that stretches across the top. It’s placed on the top of the cage so that when it’s opened, it catches the seed and releases it into the bird’s dish or food. Since it’s open on all sides, it allows air flow even when the bird is stuck upside down.

Place Properly

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The bird cage seed catch should be placed in an area away from the food and water bowls and cages so that it doesn’t contaminate the food. Place it in an area where your bird can go to feed freely without being disturbed. Make sure that there are no sharp objects or pieces of furniture nearby or else your bird might be injured. Placing it in an area with good lighting will also help since the seed is exposed to light for a longer period of time.

To keep the bird from eating too much of the seed, it should be hung upside down. This will prevent your bird from toppling over backward. In addition, if the cage has a perch, your birds can rest at it and eat without disturbing the surrounding food and water bowls.

To clean the bird cage seed catcher, you can either hose it down with a garden hose or shake it clean with a broom. It can also be cleaned using soap and water. However, you need to ensure that the soap or water is very strong and that it does not leave any residue on the cage. This residue may attract more pests and cause more damage than the seeds that are sitting there.

Top Tips

Make sure that you put a food dish near the seed dish so that your birds will stop by to eat and use the seed instead of the trash. Be sure to clean the dishes well after each use. If you have any left over food in the bird feeder, your birds will definitely be needing some of it before they start eating the seed.

After every feeding, place the bird cage feeder close to the seed again so that your bird will be tempted to go eat it. When you do this, the seed will be there in front of them to eat. This way, you will not have to constantly chase your bird around the house. Also, be sure that there is enough food and water available so that none of your bird will run out. If you ever become lost, your bird will still have a source of food and water.

Some people like to place peanut butter or cheese in their bird cage. These items are great for the health of your birds as well as for their taste buds. If you place the items in the bird cage with the seed, your bird will be tempted to eat them. Place the items on a small plate or bowl so that your bird cannot eat all of them at once. As a safety precaution, cover the bottom of the bowl or plate with aluminum foil so that none of the items get stuck to the bottom.

It is important that you do not change the food in the cage very often. This can be a mistake because you may not know when your bird will start to get hungry. Some birds do not wait for their food to settle so they eat all the time. Your cage should contain dry food only. If you have any moist food in the cage, it will attract more insects and pests to your bird cage, and this is not good for the birds.


Your bird will need to eat very often to get the nutrients he needs. This is why it is important that you have a bird cage with a seed catcher. A bird will eat anything that he can catch himself so providing him with a source of insect free food will keep him healthy. When choosing the type of seed to use in your bird cage, it is best to use the same brand that he is used to. Also, it is better to use seeds that are specially processed to make sure that they are safe to your bird.

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