Wind Chimes Hanging Hummingbirds

Wind Chimes Hanging Hummingbirds

People want to know about wind chimes and the benefits of the chimes. Wind Chimes are basically a Feng Shui as the Chinese believe. They say that wind chime attracts positive energy from wind and suppress the negative energy. Some people use the wind chime in the garden where the wind passes, but some others place it in the indoor to cure negative energies. The wind chime contains a small rock crystal which can destroy negative energy.

Ways To Use Wind Chimes

The materials (feng shui elements) and the string or bells can illustrate where to place the wind chime. If the wind chime is made of metal, you can place it in the west, northwest, and north. A wooden chime or bamboo make chime is to be placed in east, southeast, and south. Such as ‘earth feng shui’  made up of porcelain or clay bells can be placed in the center, northeast, east and southeast. You must be careful about maintaining the area as mentioned by the materials.

Wind Chimes Hanging: Symbols

The traditional symbols carry different ways of benefiting users. Using Chi Lin wind chime is for protection and for abundant energy you can use mystic knot wind chime. For love and marriage, you can use a clay wind chine with two hearts or a wind chime with the image of Buddha claims for spiritual growth.

Wind Chimes Hanging: Numbers

You have to pay attention to the bells or rods of the wind chimes. The most popular numbers of wind chimes are six and eight, but for extra beneficial energy, you can use five.

You can place any type of wind chime in your house without any hesitation, but it is preferable to use a Wind Chimes Hanging Hummingbirds.

Wind Chimes Hanging Hummingbirds

As a feng shui item and getting positive energy, you can hang the hanging hummingbirds on the doors and windows of your house. With a blowing wind, the chime creates a pleasant sound makes you feel as sitting in your sanctuary. You can place the hummingbirds in the living room, bedroom or kitchen and make sure there is a wind blowing to make you hear the sweet sound of the chimes. Better to hang the chime on your porch to look it more beautiful.

Light And Pleasing Chime Sounds

With the dreamy sound reaching your ears and the light wind touching the skin makes a heavenly feeling while you are in the home. You can treat it as a sound therapy along with your family because the sweet sound creates calmness on your mind and you will never feel depressed.

Creative Hummingbirds Design

The wind chime with creative hummingbirds design makes you feel heavenly. Blue, red, silver and purple colors make the perfect match for decorating the doors and windows of your house. Even, the rainbow color of the spiral formation hummingbirds makes a great decorative look. You can hang the long length chimes in the window frames, ceiling, posts, and door frames or at the garden trees. The chirping sound of the chimes makes your surroundings more beautiful.

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